We believe that $TONNEL is one the safest and most reliable JETTON on TON! Maybe you will come to believe this by reading further!

Total Supply; 10 Million

Circulating Supply; 687.379 (at the time of writing). Tokens are minted at a predetermined schedule and added to the cycle. (Bonus relayers, Pools and Drills at this time and Private sale, the first Airdrop and IDO in the past) So it is constantly changing. $TONNEL JETTON Allocation;

  • Treasury reserve: 35% equal to 3,500,000 tokens.

  • Dao and Airdrop: 5% equal to 500,000 tokens.

  • Rewards for relayers: 7% equal to 700,000 tokens.

  • Team: 8% equal to 800,000 tokens.

  • IDO: 5% equal to 500,000 tokens.

  • Private sale: 5% equal to 500,000 tokens.

  • Remuneration of liquidity providers: 35% equal to 3,500,000 tokens. Attention; team contribution is allocated for 3 years with 6 month rocks. See the $TONNEL chart on the site; https://dyor.io/analytics/price/239 "Some Details" Dao & Airdrop; The first DAO and Airdrop were held in Testnet. 69,000 $TONNEL were distributed for airdrop. Additional points were considered for Dao participants. We will have more Dao and Airdrops in the continuation of the tonnel project, stay tuned! Drill; The drill was activated for six months from 11/1/2023. During this period, 100,000 $TONNEL will be minted by diggers. Tokens are minted hourly at a fixed rate and are allocated among drillers based on their LPs share. Note that a significant number of $TONNEL are locked in the drill! You can see the drill training from the tutorials section. Before that, visit the drill site https://drill.tonnel.network/ Burning Tokens;

  • In IDO 500,000 tokens were allocated with a one-week schedule, at the end of which 226,000 unsold tokens were burned.

  • One of the uses of the token is to activate a batch of inactive NFTs. In this process, 9,000 tokens have been burned (as of this writing). Activation is required for relaying. Finally, we have predicted more plans for the $TONNEL that will be introduced along the way of the project. $TONNEL is a liquid asset. $TONNEL is a safe asset. We believe $TONNEL can become the king of tokens in TON Blockchain! How about you? The $TONNEL is listed in http://DeDust.io and https://app.ston.fi

Burned $tonnel can be found here.

TONNEL is available at @xRocket, DeDust and STON.fi

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