Start to drill here.

Step 1(Add Liquidity on DeDust)

Go to this link and add liquidity for TON/TONNEL.

If you don't have TONNEL, you can buy it in DeDust or @xRocket or STONfi

Step 2(Drill $TONNEL)

Go to @Tonnel_Network_bot and first link your wallet.(You can also avoid this if you like:)

Wallet -> Link Wallet

Now you Click on ⛏ī¸ Drill or visit drill page , select the wallet that you already used on DeDust or STON.fi on step 1, and start earning $TONNEL.

The formula is simple, every second 0.004 $TONNEL is distributed, and the more LP token you use in Drilling, the more $TONNEL you'll earn every second.

You can claim your $TONNEL by simply clicking on Claim and sending a transaction with the same wallet you used to Drill.

You can always add more LP in Drilling or remove some of your LP from Drilling!

The Drilling operation for DeDust will begin on Mon Oct 30 2023 20:30:00 GMT+0000

The Drilling operation for DeDust will end on Sun Apr 28 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000

During this operation, more than 62,200 $TONNEL(More than 65,000$) will be distributed to Drillers.

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